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As companies continue to navigate the global pandemic and Black advocacy, mental health and DEI are increasingly top-of-mind for many leaders. Historically, both topics have grown only in parallel with their junctures often less explored. For companies to truly support employee mental health and drive impactful DEI strategies, they must approach their strategies with greater nuance, understanding, and intentionality.

On Wednesday, June 8, 2022, Rogue Media Group (RMG), in partnership with The Network Journal, a widely used global business media outlet and resource for Black professionals and emerging business owners, produced the 5th Annual iLeadership DEI Summit - Navigating Mental Health And Emerging Needs Amidst Multiple Pandemics. Hosted by Ms. Jodi Brockington, Founder & CEO at NIARA Consulting, RMG iLeadership DEI Summit, attracted over 300 + corporate executives across the public and private sectors as attendees explored how diverse leaders are maintaining mental fitness for themselves and employees during the racial and health pandemics.

featured 2022 SPEAKERS

  • Maximillian L. Hamilton

    Founder & CEO
    Rogue Media Group, LLC

  • Jodi Brockington

    Founder & CEO
    NIARA Consulting

  • Stacey A. Gordon, MBA

    Rework Work

  • Dr. Thelá R. Thatch

    Thelá R. Thatch Consulting

  • Nzinga Shaw

    President, Global ESG & DEI
    ZRG Partners

  • Edna Kane Williams

    EVP/Chief Diversity Officer

  • David Lipscomb

    CEO and Head Coach
    CIS Training Systems LLC
    Director, DEI, USA Cycling

  • Gerald Prince

    Director of Benefits
    & 401K
    American Airlines

  • Vanessa Vining

    Chief Diversity Officer

  • Seanne N. Murray, J.D.

    Attain 9, Inc.

  • Dr. Denise Caleb, Ed.D.

    M.Ed., CME, PHR
    HRSI, A HRCI Company

  • Dr. Stacie CC Graham

    Author/Global Racial Equity
    Programme Director

  • Fatimah Gilliam, Esq.

    Founder & CEO
    The Azara Group

  • Vonetta Hawkins

    VP, Senior Business Growth
    & Strategy Consultant
    Diverse Segments, Wells Fargo

  • Ty Bledsoe

    Senior Director of DEI, People
    Development and Engagement
    Alto Pharmacy

  • Fred Smith

    EVP of Operations
    Global Reflections/UWG

  • Bershan Shaw

    CEO, Tech Founder
    Urawarrior Mental Health App

  • Michel Edwards

    CEO & Co founder
    Bluu Kazi

  • Dr. Jean C. Accius, PhD

    SVP, Global Thought Leadership

  • James D. White

    Board Chair, The Honest Company
    Former Chairman & CEO
    Jamba Juice, Inc.

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